Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Future of Operations Management

Opportunity: Techno-Business Managers

Excellence in the management of business operations and technology provides a competitive advantage in today's fast-paced business environment. The ideal mix of technology and management skills creates Techno-Business Managers who are equipped with technology, farsighted management practices, and leading-edge knowledge.

Operations Management as a Career

To strengthen the position in the globally competitive market, where rules are re-written every second, companies are striving to improve productivity, quality, cost and supply chain cycle times while still maintaining supreme quality standards of products and services.

In this aggressive situation opportunities are opening up to create an identity in a variety of sectors such as product manufacturing and transportation industries that deliver goods as well as the service sector companies including banking, insurance and government agencies. The following is an illustrative list of sectors open for careers in Operations Management
· Manufacturing
· Retail
· Consulting Firms
· Financial Institutions
· Transportation and Logistics
· Construction
· Information Technology
· Hospitality
· Insurance

The specific areas where the Operations Management Students would find opportunities to contribute include
· Operations Planning, Scheduling and Control
· Purchasing and Materials Management
· Distribution and Supply Chain Management
· Customer Service Support
· Project Management
· Quality management
· Operations Process Consulting
· Forecasting
· Traffic Management
· Inventory Planning and Control
· Process and Methods Planning
· Plant Engineering Management
· Warehouse Management and Distribution
· Six Sigma
· Lean Manufacturing

OM Skills in demand:
· The ability to lead and manage business processes & utilize the power of technology for all business applications
· A comprehensive knowledge of Basic, user level and consulting level competency in ERP (SAP R/3 & SCM)
· Interpersonal skills that enhances the ability to work as part of a team, strong analysis and applied learning skills
· The ability to adapt to rapid change and the ambiguity that is created by change
· Developing planning, organizing and time management skills

In addition to these you should be able to
· Be sensitive to the of shifts in economic, technological and management trends
· Develop a matured vision to foresee the range of possibilities and a highly evolved imagination to create solutions
· Strike and confront newer challenges and be alert to adjustments required in new directions
· Develop a flexible approach towards making adjustments and being steadfast in the face of misunderstandings and mistakes
· Remain committed to the ambition that they have set out to achieve


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