Friday, July 6, 2007

PMP Exam Prep: Building a Study Plan

Begin with the end in mind: Estimate the amount of time you need to prepare for the exam and to schedule for the PMP Certification Test. If you need 8 weeks to prepare, schedule your exam for 8 weeks from today and pmp certification work to meet your deadline. This helps ensure your focus.

Build a plan: Figure out how many hours per day you can dedicate to preparing for the PMP Exam, and pmp certification stick with it. Allocate blocks of time for studying on the weekends.

Form study groups: Learning in teams can be beneficial for everyone, if it is focused study.

Learn in Chunks or Sections; don t try to capture it all at once.

Learn to Mind Map: The human mind makes a connection each time your pen and pmp certification paper meet. In conjunction with this, the visual makings of a mind map will help keep information fresh in your minds eye.

Brain Dumps: When you arrive at the testing center, before you take the actual PMP Exam, perform a brain dump. This is an activity where you use the scratch paper provided to write out all of the exam notes you ve committed to memory. In order to do this at the testing center, you must practice it daily. I recommend focusing on the calculations and pmp certification formulas.

Practice Exams at the end of each chapter or section. Each day I did a set 50-200 questions after a chapter. The following day I reviewed weak areas. I found the more questions and pmp certification answers that I did, the better prepared and pmp certification more comfortable I was.

Cramming before test day: I took one week off before writing the exam to review and pmp certification cram for the exam It was slow getting into a study mode but once I applied myself, it seems to be the best study method for me.


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